Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Kauai 3 - Headed West (Mon 06/14/2010)

Today we drove to the west side of the island to Wailua and boarded a Zodiac raft to cruise the Na Pali coast.

 The trip was amazing we saw hundreds of spinner dolphins on the way out as we hung out in the part of the ocean known as their maternity ward.

 We then cruised on down the coast taking in the majestic views. It was incredible, the views just never get old. It is so beautiful that it doesn't even look real.

 The waters were calm enough, so we were able to go inside a couple sea caves.

 After the boat ride we stopped for some lunch in old town Koala and then headed to another beach. This time we went to Shipwreck Beach, which is down a bumpy dirt road near our condo. This is a great beach for exploring.

 We walked up and down this beach taking our time exploring the area. At the end of one side of the beach are some trails to hike up the cliff.

 There was barely anyone on this beach....we felt like we were the only ones there.  After a few hours playing on the beach we were ready to head back to the condo and take showers. For dinner we fixed a huge salad with all the delicious veggies we got at the farmers market and opened a bottle of wine. For the rest of the evening we just chilled on the lanai. Another early is definitely about the daytime activities here on the island.

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