Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hatch Chile Peppers

Hatch Chile Pepper season is coming to an end.  But , boy have we enjoyed some  great recipes using the peppers.  Hatch Chile Peppers got their name from where they were first cultivated...Hatch Valley, New Mexico.  The pepper has a very short season of only six weeks, which usually begins mid-August.   These peppers are considered the best pepper grown in the U.S.  These peppers have a great flavor are usually mild to medium, which is just perfect for us!
The peppers are long and curvy.  They taste great raw, roasted or thrown in to your recipe.
This is a recipe my husband made.  Green Lentils, Hatch Peppers and Veggie Stock thrown in a pot for awhile.  While, it doesn't look great, the flavor is awesome!
Cooking some peppers with some black beans and onions.  Throw this over some rice for a quick and yummy meal.
Delicious veggie enchilada's with Hatch peppers, of course!
Even threw some peppers on my pizza along with sun dried tomatoes.  The sweetness of the tomato with the heat of the pepper was the perfect combination.

Last night I made roasted veggie quesadilla with Hatch peppers and they were delicious...sorry no picture. 

There are so many things that you can add these peppers to, takes up the flavor a notch.  Hope you are enjoying the pepper season!

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