Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Clean out the Pantry!

The other day my husband asked.."what's for dinner?"  I hadn't really planned anything so I looked in the pantry and realized it was stocked full of everything I could need to prepare an amazing dinner yet I had no idea what to make.  In these types of situations I usualy ask myself what I am hungry for and make that.  If I don't have the proper ingredients I go get them, the store is only 3 blocks down the street.  However, on this day I decided to make something that I already had the ingredients for, no more special trips to the store.  Then I ran across a blog post about using up the food in your pantry during the month of January.  A way to save some money after all of the holiday spending.  I am sure I have enough food in the pantry to last the month of January!  I think this will force be to become creative with the ingredients I have and discover new recipes.

Check out my pantry and fridge...I have enough food to last past January.  How blessed am I to have all of this food available to eat, yet I still complain there is nothing to eat!

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