Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

Other than Memorial Day being a day to remember our fallen service men, it has also traditionally become a day of cook outs.  It is a kick-off to summer, time to fire up the grills.  As I sit on my back patio this afternoon I can smell the meat grilling.  While to some this smell is yummy, to me it turns my stomach.   Before I became vegan I never was a big meat eater....I could not step into a steak restaurant with out feeling nauseas.  For me Memorial Day is the beginning of the abundance of delicious summer fruits and veggies.......

You can only get strawberries this big in the summertime!  So sweet and fresh!

I love marinated cucumbers..... I could eat this all day!

If you must grill something, grill up some corn.  When else can you find corn on the cob at 4 for $1 and so sweet?  Other grilling options:  portabella mushrooms (make a great burger substitute), veggie kabobs,   
asparagus, and the best grilled pinapple!

What is your favorite veggie/fruit to grill?

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