Monday, March 29, 2010

It Pays to be Cheap

I am finishing up reading a book I picked up at the library, "America's Cheapest Family.
"  It was a fun read, lots of great tips that are actually very good for the environment.  They don't market it as a green book, but it follows the same philosphy......stop buying all of the cheap stuff you don't really need!  That is probably the easiest way to go green...just stop buying stuff that you really don't need which in the long run just ends up in a landfill.  I like reading books like this because it helps to remind me of the stuff I don't need and the impact all of that junk can have not only to the environment, but also to your bank account.  My New Year's Resolution was to not go into a mall, BUT living in suburbia and having a mall so close it can be difficult to lose sight of the greater purpose and give in to that consumeristic need.  I admit I fell of the wagon, but I have since pulled my self up and am back on MALLS for me!  There is nothing that I need that bad, I would much rather spend my precious week-ends enjoying nature at the park or just reading a book in my backyard than walking around a crowded mall being tempted by all of the junk I don't need.  Most of which will either end up sitting in my closet with the tags on them until I feel guilty enough to make another trip to the mall to return....major time wastage, not to mention the gas getting there and back again! OR, the junk will be used once, then tossed aside waiting for its destiny in another garage sale.  Speaking of garage sales, I have a garage full of this type of stuff just waiting for warmer weather to be displayed in my driveway hoping to be snagged up by someone who will appreciate it more than I did.  I cringe to think of all the time, money and precious resources I have wasted acquiring all of this JUNK!

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