Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hump Day

Today was another beautiful day of sunshine....I was able to enjoy a bit of it at lunch!  I went to lunch with some friends where we sat on the patio soaking up some vitamin d.
We went to Uncle Julio's, I ordered the veggie fajitas which were yummy!  I had leftovers and unfortunately had to use a take out container, but I didn't want to waste the delicious veggies.  Note to self start carrying a reusable container for impromptu times like this.

For dinner I guessed it....the leftovers.
I forgot to take picture a before digging in.  My presentation was not as pretty as at the restaurant, oh well!
Since my boy's are not completely on board with the vegetarian diet, they had ground buffalo least we all kept with the mexican theme.  I have noticed that since I became more aware of what I eat it has rubbed off on my boy.  He asked for a side vegetable with his tacos, enter baby carrots!  I am so proud of him.

After dinner we sat outside a bit and talked about our plans for summer vacation.  We are looking into taking a trip to into San Fran and then drive down the coast to San Diego.  It is planning time now, sooooo excited!

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