Thursday, April 1, 2010

Get a Life

Everything about today was boring!  From what I did to what I ate....nothing exciting.  I haven't been posting anything about my breakfast, mainly because I am so busy in the morning's.   Since, I work in an office and have to be at work by 8 am, I am usually in a rush.  My breakfast routine is a small cup of coffee as I get ready.  On my drive into the office I drink Amazing Grass mixed with almond milk (love this stuff)!  Would like to make a super green smoothie with real veggies, but time gets away from me and the Amazing Grass is fast and taste great.  When I get to work I eat a piece of fruit as I read
e-mails and plan out my work day.
See, proof that I ate an orange.  I remembered to take a pic after I only had one piece left.  Today was a busy day at work, so I ended up just eating lunch at my desk...boring!
Lunch was an Amy's organic bean/rice/veggie burrito + baby carrots + celery/almond butter + banana.  I actually saved the banana and had it later as an afternoon snack.  About the cloth napkins:  I bring 2 clean napkins to work every  Monday and use them all week.  I am not that messy!  This work great and really eliminates a lot of unnecessary paper waste.  After a busy day at work I headed home for dinner.  Dinner was spaghetti and toast...carb heaven!  

After dinner took the dogs for a walk while my boy was at basketball practice.  He carpools with the coach which works out great.  Coach has to go to practice anyway and this keep us from wasting a drive there and back.  Think about, there are 10 kids on the team and if everyone drove their kid there and back that is 20x round trip.  But, if you can work out a carpool schedule with some of the other parents that can significantly reduce the number of round trips.  Practice is not far, but every little bit helps!  

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