Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Veggie Garden!

Yeah!  We finally finished getting our veggie garden planted. It was a ton of work!  First we dug out the grass in a 4x8 section.  Then we built up the box planter and filled with dirt.  A ton of dirt.  Luckily my neighbor had some dirt delivered in the driveway and had leftovers that we could have......thanks neighbor!  After filling it with dirt, I mixed in some organic veggie fertilizer and then we put in the plants.  Since, we started so late we couldn't put in seeds and had to start with little plants.  We planted tomatoes, chile pepper, squash, bell peppers, broccoli, cucumbers, arugula and herbs.  I can't wait to pick something out of my garden and eat it!  This is my first time planting a veggie garden and I am sure I will have some failures, but I will learn along the way!

Isn't it cute?  Added the fence to keep our dogs out.....I hope it works!

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  1. I love it Jennifer!!! Ever since we moved to the house 3 years ago I have wanted to make a garden but I am soooo bad at keeping plants alive.... :-(

    I watched Food, Inc. and I was devastated... I started buying organic milk and yogurt and some fruits... I wanna look into the grass fed animals to buy the meat so I don't continue poisoning my family....

    Good luck on your garden and keep us posted!!!