Wednesday, April 21, 2010

No Recycling at the Sport Center?

My son has been playing basketball for 3 years now.  His games are at a nearby sport complex with 15 basketball courts.  I am sure that on an average week-end a thousand+ kids come thru there to play basketball.  But, something is missing at this sports center.....recycling bins!  And what does every kid bring with them when they play a game, a plastic bottle.   A plastic bottle which ends up in the regular trash can!
That is what the trash bins are full of...plastic bottles.  They even have a wall of vending machines selling only plastic bottles full of liquid.
The first year my son played here we e-mailed the manager inquiring why they don't have recycling available and got some story about the city.  So, we e-mailed the city. A few e-mail later we had a promise from both that they would set up a meeting and discuss the issue. We were so excited that we had made a difference. Summer came and went and we couldn't wait until the first game so we could see the recycling bins that we had a hand in putting there.  We got there, but there were no bins.  We went to the front desk and asked about it and again got the run around about the city and how it is cost prohibitive.  Our frustrations gave in and we gave up!  But, I don't want to give up.  It angers me every time we go to a game and see tons of plastic bottles filling up the trash can or discarded on the benches.  What are these people thinking? OK, fine there is no recycling bin available at the center, but can't these people bring their plastic back home with them and recycle?  Or, do what we do and bring a reusable water bottle?  I have started to pay attention to other public places I frequent, like restaurants.  No public businesses recycle!  Last Friday night we went out for dinner and sat on the patio.  It was still "happy hour" so others were having a drink.  All of the beer bottles went in the regular trash!  I am determined to find out what is holding these businesses back from recycling, why don't they care?   I will let you know what I find out......

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