Friday, April 2, 2010

Veggies n' Rice

Don't you just love some good veggies n' rice.  That was the theme today.  It all started at lunch.  Every Friday I try to get out of the office with my best girls.  We usually end up going to Pei Wei.    It is actually one of my favorite places to go.  I know it is a chain, but I can always find something vegan to eat there.
On their menu by the entree if it has a leaf that means it is vegetarian.  You can get the other dishes with tofu and veggies, but the sauce might have chicken or beef broth in it.  So, I always stick with the dishes with a leaf by it.
Today I had the Spicy Korean with tofu/veggies and brown rice.
It was so delicious!  I can never finish it all and knew I would have leftovers, so I remembered to think ahead and brought a container for my leftovers.
I got these fabulous Tupperware containers at a party at my neighbor's house.  She was having the party as a fundraiser for her daughter's college could I not buy anything?  So, I got these great bowls that when empty are flat.  They fit perfectly in my purse which is great to tote along for restaurant leftovers.
I was a little nervous pulling this out at first.  I am sure I embarrassed my friends a little, but they are used to my ecocentric ways.  One of the staff actually gave me a thumbs up!

After work I raced home, my son had a friend come over after school and they were anxious for me to get home so we could go to dinner.  We chose Jinbeh (japanese place).  I am thankful that my family is flexible to going places where I can find something to eat.  This place is great, they have a hibachi grill where the chef prepares the food right in front of you.  It was very entertaining for the boys.
I ordered some veggie sushi rolls and the hibachi veggies which came with a salad and soup.
Can't go wrong with a day full of veggies and rice....I will go to bed tonight with a full tummy!

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