Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Yoga and the Environment!?

I have made it to yoga 2 nights in a row!  I haven't been in about a month and it feels great to get back to class.  Now, how can yoga help the environment?  Well, for me it is about refocusing and reflecting back on what is important.  As I get busy with the demands of my, kid, husband etc.... I can easily lose my focus.  Also, living in suburbia and being tempted by all of the consumerism that is out there, you tend to get sucked in.  It is so easy these days with a shopping mall or strip center on every corner.  Just on my 25 mile commute to work I pass 2 malls.  I start rationalizing why I need that new whatever.....but, as I get back to the simple act of breathing and going thru the rythm of the poses all feels calm again.  I start to realize that it is the simple things that matter.  The simple act of recycling, probably the easiest thing you can do to help the environment, but yet I am amazed by how many people don't participate in this simple act.  My simple vegan diet that focuses on simple whole foods, not complex processed junk.  And the simple rythm of breathing and poses in my yoga practice.  All of these things that are important to me have one thing in common, simple!  Life can get so crazy and hectic as we become slaves to the "to do's", it is nice to step back, breathe, recycle and focus on the simple things that matter.  Ten years from now you won't remember that new shirt you bought, but the environment will!

Speaking of recycling I am taking on a recyling challenge!  This month in honor of Earth day I am going to really take a hard look at recycling.  More to come...

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